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Native English speaking teacher from Australia. Accepting Intermediate to Proficient students.

Skelbimo įkėlimo data: 2022-07-15
I'm a native English speaker from Australia, settled here in Vilnius. Happy to teach online or in person. My methods are not standardised, aside from our first meet where we'll uncover your strengths. The style of the class will be suited to your needs. They are not just repetition but voice, movement and relaxation techniques to ensure you train your English muscles in the best way possible. The first class is 20e/hr this is an introductory offer. In this class we will work out what your skill level is and how we can help it grow. If you choose to continue classes are 35e/hr. Presently taking students with an intermediate level of English up to Proficient. My classes are not geared towards beginners. I'm available from 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday. All lessons are in English.
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C Leaney
35.00 Eur/val
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